Strategic Plan 2019-2022

EMCR Brain Sciences Network Strategic Plan

Vision To shape the future of Australian brain science by empowering the next generation of leaders
Mission To support emerging brain scientists in Australia and foster interdisciplinary research from discovery to development and translation.
Values To promote diversity, inclusivity, engagement, collaboration and integrity across Australian brain science
Stakeholders Early-to-mid career researchers in brain science in all sectors (<15 years since PhD, excluding interruptions).
Australian Brain Alliance; Australian Academy of Science; Brain Science EMCR groups; Australian Universities, Research Institutes, Government and Funding Bodies; Media and the public
Imperatives Establish a vibrant, diverse, innovative and interdisciplinary network that supports EMCRs in the brain sciences. Provide a platform that breaks down existing structural barriers between the brain science disciplines from discovery to technology and translation Shape the national policy relevant to brain science, advocate for EMCRs, and provide the tools for EMCRs to advocate for themselves
Initiatives Grow our state-based symposia series Develop an online membership registry to highlight expertise and resources Engage in broad consultation to identify the needs of our members
Extend national and international networks by collaborating with other brain science EMCR organisations Create opportunities for national and international experiences in brain science Represent our members on issues raised by stakeholders
Enhance our social media presence and provide our quarterly newsletter Enable exchanges between industry and academia Empower EMCRs within brain science to advocate to government and within the workplace
Outcomes An internationally leading and innovative brain sciences sector for EMCRs in Australia A strong collaborative brain science network bridging disciplines to accelerate discovery and translation National policy on brain science shaped by and for EMCRs
Long-term Goal A vibrant, world-class brain science sector in Australia, championed by EMCRs.