Dr. Elysia Sokolenko

by Elysia Sokolenko, 10 Oct 2023

I completed a PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2019 exploring the pathophysiology of cognitive impairment in schizophrenia. More specifically, I examined whether there is a causal relationship between disruptions to oscillatory electrical activity in the brain and working memory impairment in the disorder. Through this project, I developed expertise in a number of pre-clinical and laboratory-based skills, including awake in vivo electrophysiology recordings and rodent behavioural testing.

I have since transferred these skills to the clinical context, currently acting as a research coordinator in Adelaide Medical School’s Discipline of Psychiatry. I am the local site coordinator for a nation-wide clinical trial assessing whether a novel type of non-invasive brain stimulation could help people on the autism spectrum. For additional details, see the study website.

I have a keen interest in exploring how differences in the electrical activity of the brain underlie the symptoms of psychiatric disorders and the often associated cognitive impairment.

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